Teen 'Mail Jumpers' Have Just Seconds to Hop on and off Boat While Delivering the Post

Playing Being a Wisconsin Mail Boat Jumper Might Be the Best Job Ever

Teen "mail jumpers" on Lake Geneva in Wisconsin may have the best summer job ever. 

They have just seconds to hop on and off a moving boat delivering mail to the homes along the lake. The tradition started over 100 years ago when boat was the only way to deliver the post to those living on the water. 

Now, there are annual tryouts for the honor of becoming a mail jumper. Inside Edition was on hand for the most recent session. 

Safety is a priority and each prospective mail jumper must wear a life vest. The boat slows down as it approaches each dock but never stops, so the teens have to be quick or they'll be left behind. 

While bumps and bruises are fairly common, it doesn't stop the teens. 

"You fall, you get back up," one told Inside Edition. 

Check out the video above to see more. 


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